Obsessed with making a difference

I've tasked myself with just a small mission in life: to empower millions of women to love their bodies, love themselves and unleash their full potential on the world. But this wasn't always my mission...​

After studying Anthropology at the University of Sydney, I moved to London to pursue as many adventures abroad as possible. I spent 5.5 wonderful years there - studying my Masters in Marketing Comms, making some lifelong friends and climbing the corporate ladder. In 2015 I jumped off that ladder, moved back to Sydney and set up my business as a personal trainer. 

That same year I was introduced to NLP and coaching, and from there I haven't looked back. I completed my NLP Practitioner certificate, my Brain Based Coaching Certificate, and more recently my Meta-Coaching Certificate. 

So why do I focus on self-love, especially love of one's body? Basically, it's something I feel very passionately about. Having spent enough time being crazy about my own body, and also getting to the point of FREAKIN' LOVING MY BODY, it's a gift of freedom I hope to give to other women. There are so many more important things in life to focus your precious energy on - I want to free you from the burden of hatin' on yourself so you can look ahead to brighter and more exciting things. 

  • NLP Practitioner Certification 

  • Meta-Coaching Certification (ACMC) 

  • Brain-Based Coaching Certification

  • BA Anthropology 

  • MA Marketing Communications