The Secret to Happiness

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

“Man looks for happiness outside himself, unaware that what he truly seeks lies within.”

  • Khalil Gibran

I remember reading that quote when I was a younger girl and kinda understanding it. Sorta. I knew it had some pearl of wisdom in it and I could see some fuzzy truth staring me in the face but still it took me some time to really get it. In fact, it probably took me a full decade.

You see, happiness is a state of being, so it is completely and utterly within your hands. You choose happiness. That’s the secret. People are so busy looking for happiness outside of themselves – in that new job, fancy car, number on the scales, designer handbag – that they miss the truth of it. Happiness isn’t something to be purchased or interviewed for, it is already inside you, waiting to be discovered. You have the ability to find happiness and contentment for yourself in any circumstance in life – the only thing standing in the way of that is you.

So how do you choose happiness?

  • Let go of resistance. Resisting reality is a sure-fire way of staying in Sadtown for a sad amount of time. By letting go of resistance and embracing acceptance you open the door to new possibilities and more happiness in your life. I remember I used to live life thinking I knew best and should be able to determine the outcome for myself. And while I most definitely do still work towards achieving goals for myself, I am much more open to life taking twists and turns that may land me in an even better place than I imagined. Strangely, it’s often much easier to swim with the current of life than to try to struggle against it.

  • Be grateful. I am a bit of a broken record when it comes to gratitude, but I cannot sing its praises enough. Gratitude turned my life around as it opened my eyes to all the wonderful stuff I already had so it invited even more wonderful stuff in. The key to practicing gratefulness is…wait for it…feeling grateful! It’s recognising all the wonderful gifts you already have in life and then really understanding (and feeling) why it is so fabulous and miraculous that you have that gift in your life.

  • Open your mind to an exciting future. Maybe the events of your past are a little less than ideal, but they have helped to bring you to where you are now and have taught you some valuable life lessons along the way. So once you can see reason to be grateful for that, it’s time to open your mind to the possibility of an exciting future ahead. Being positive about what’s ahead will more likely steer you in the direction of success than if you feel like it’s all a hopeless case. Life is a magnificent and mysterious thing, and things happen for very strange and wonderful reasons. Be open to that strangeness and watch the wonderful roll in.

  • Recognise your magnificence. As a human you are a miracle. I have no idea how this miracle came about but I do know that you are a miracle none-the-less. Being able to see that for yourself and being able to see that you are part of something much bigger gives you a little thing called perspective.