In many ways the journey of personal development is like standing on one side of a canyon... can see where you want to get to, but you have to descend down into the shadows and climb up the other side to get there.


And even if you're brave enough to take the first step, as soon as you descend down, you can lose sight of where it is you were going in the first place.


Coaching is like taking this journey, but with a tour guide. It's like climbing Mount Everest but with a Sherpa (I mean, you could do it on your own but really it's best done with a Sherpa - for safety reasons obviously). The journey of self-development, and learning to love and accept yourself as you are can be challenging and demanding. It can take effort and dedication to see results, but it doesn't need to be done alone. 


Working with a coach can help you start out on this journey and achieve your goals faster and more effectively. As you learn and grow as a person it can make you more aware of aspects of your personality that you weren't aware of before. It can help you to see parts of yourself that may not be obvious, and most importantly it will help you find the 'leverage points' of change. The difference that makes the difference when it comes to personal development.   

The answer is not more judgment, it is compassion & love for self

I like to think of the steps of development a little something like this:


Almost like you can view your current situation from a higher angle - witnessing all the pain, confusion, sadness and opportunity to change